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Milimili™ Dolls Worldwide
World-Popular Magical Mysterious Matryoshka (Nesting) Doll
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World-Popular Magical Mysterious Matryoshka (Nesting) Doll
first created in Japan - manufactured in Russia - designed as Milimili Doll in Hawaii - made for different countries and cultures - distributed all over the world - individually signed by artist - hand-painted in Russia - each doll an original - no two exactly alike - collectibles - storytellers

now in multinational designs:
Russian - Mexican - Hawaiian - American Indian - Japanese
and many others!

Milimili™ Doll is the name of the Island version of the Matryoshka Doll as Russia continues to maintain its presence as part of the cultural melting pot of the Hawaiian Islands. The word Mili in both Russian and Hawaiian translates as beloved and the Hawaiian word MILIMILI means a favorite plaything or toy. "MILIMILI" is also used as a derivative of Mili'apa (slowing down or playing around). This name has become popular not only in Hawaii, but also in other States and countries, as people keep bringing Hawaiian Milimili Dolls from their vacation in Hawaiian Paradise.

Take home a Milimili™ Doll for your favorite person to play with!

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