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About Universal Artists, LLC.

The company was established on the Island of Oahu, State of Hawaii, USA, in 1999. Since its creation, Universal Artists has searched the globe for unique pieces of art and now represents the interests and talents of Artists from as far away as Russia.

Some of the dolls that you see here are unique - for example, nowhere else in the world you can get Hawaiian Matryoshka - Milimili Doll and other designs of different cultures. Please visit our Online Store.

The first Hawaiian designs were carefully developed by professional artists from both Hawaii and Russia after deep research of Hawaiian culture, history and ethnic, and the first samples were created in May, 2000. Since then, the doll became popular very quickly, we have many retail stores and distributors that sell our dolls, and Milimili Doll now is a part of modern Hawaiian culture.

Milimili Doll now is being designed for many other nationalities.

New designs coming soon!

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